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(CBPM: Certified Business Practice Manager)


한국경영실무학회(Korean Management Practice Association) 대학교수를 비롯한 경영지도사, 세무사, 공인회계사 등 경영전문가들이 국내는 물론 동북아지역의 경영이론과 상거래 및 경영실무의 연구를 통하여 경영학 발전과 산학연 간의 상호협력 증진에 기여하고자  경영전반에 관한 실무능력을 겸비한 자격제도를 운영함으로서 글로벌시대에 적합한 실무전문가를 양성하려고 계획하고 있습니다.

아울러 회원 상호간의 친목 도모와 국내외 경영실무 관련단체와 교류를 통하여 국제간 세계화된 경영실무는 물론 기업  발전에 기여하고자 함에 그 자격제도를 시행하고자 합니다.

이에 국가경제발전을 위한 국가경영교육의 중심에 한국경영실무학회에 모인  사회 각 분야의 경영실무전문가들이 본 학회의 이러한 취지에 적극적으로 공감하여 연구진으로 참여를 수락하여, 「경영실무관리사」 자격위원회를 2018년 하반기에 출범하려고 합니다.


(CBPM : Certified Business Practice Manager)






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KMPA International Membership

To become a KMPA Member, click here to register now and select Student or Individual or Organization based on the number of memberships you require. Annual Memberships dues are as followed:

  • Student Membership: $10
  • Individual Membership: $20
  • Corporate / Institutional Membership: $200 (This type of membership is connected to the organization rather than the individuals and allows for unlimited members of the organization to attend the annual conference at the member rate, and recognition in the annual conference program as a corporate member)
  • Group Membership (This type of membership applies only for groups of people from the same institution and allows each member access to the annual conference at the member rate and access to nasbite.org members only sections of the website):
    • 1 – 4 Members: $285
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Why Become a Certified Trainer?

 The KMPA CBPM Certified Trainer designation is an endorsement that proves competency in all four domains of knowledge required by the Certified Business Practice Association. Certified trainers are those professionals who have proven their competency to effectively train candidates to sit for the CBPM exam.

Certified Trainer Designation Requirements:

  • Personally earned CBPM certification

  • Three years work experience with trade and/or trade education

  • A bachelor degree or 10 years of experience in appropriate field

Application Requirements
The applicant will submit:

  • Accreditation application

  • $150 non-refundable application fee. If approved, will be applied to certified trainer fees

  • Resume or CV

  • Two references from clients or organizations involved in the international trade and development attesting to the applicant’s expert knowledge and instructional capabilities associated with level of accreditation being applied for

  • A list of international trade seminars or international business courses previously taught or speaking engagements related to international trade.

  • A list of materials developed for at least one seminar/presentation. These should include text, PowerPoint presentation, handout materials, website, etc. (Note: The CBPM Accreditation Committee may request the applicant submit copies, samples or extracts of any or all training materials for review)

Certified Trainer Designation Validity Period

Certified Trainer Designation will be valid for a period of three years.

Certified Trainer Three Year Fee

Trainer Accreditation fee is $300. Approved trainers will have initial $150 application fee credited to the first three year payment.